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Imagine in 1x08 Ian just asking Mandy “wanna study english together?” Mandy being all in love with Ian and agreeing within a second.

Mandy goes, “Your house or mine?” she smiles. “Yours” Ian smiles, because he know Mickey will be there. He knew seeing Mickey would make him happy and horny. He was so eager for fucking Mickey Milkovich. Mickey calling him a douchebag was such a turn on.

"Gotta go to the bathroom" Ian is such a doofus thinking he’s so subtle. S1 Ian and Mickey are so precious.



people are going to start walking around with unlit cigarettes after this dumb fucking movie premiers i just know it

fun game: sneak up behind them with lighters and watch the fuckers choke

I need to rewatch breaking bad, I need to rewatch ahs murder house, I need to rewatch shameless. AND I can’t cause of all the stress of the last month of school. 


Pic of The Day (4-16-14)

I don’t know what you see in that geriatric viagroid.


Make Me Choose

Anonymous asked: Cute freckle-faced Ian or buff hot crew cut Ian

I love ian gallagher so much, I’m sad.

Fandom: We just want Mickey to call Ian by his first name for once!
Mickey: Ian
Mickey: Ian
Mickey: Ian
Mickey: Ian
Mickey: Ian
Mickey: Ian
Mickey: Ian

it’s becoming a daily thing where Im fine and then I think about homework for the next day(s) suddenly I start stressing out.